Paul Ryan Tells CNN Trump Is A “Loser” And That He Won’t Get Nomination

( Paul Ryan, a former House Speaker and Republican from Wisconsin, referred to former President Donald Trump as “a proven loser” whose hold on the Republican Party is weakening.

The 2012 vice presidential nominee commented on the state of politics at the moment, especially the new Republican majority in the House, in an interview with Jake Tapper that aired on Thursday.

Tapper posed the hypothetical question, citing forecasts that the economy will grow more slowly this year, “What if you were Kevin McCarthy’s and House Republicans’ advisor right now?” Tapper said that the U.S. economy is a concern, “so what advice would you give them?”

In his remarks, Ryan focused on Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security and expressed his fear about a debt problem.

He asserted that center-left and center-right agree that we can improve our social contract. “Let’s keep Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid solvent because we believe in them. Improve their functionality, please.”

Trump, president at the time, had no desire, according to Tapper, to significantly alter such programs when Ryan was the speaker.

“You guys used to talk about this, I know, when you were speaker and Donald Trump was president,” Tapper added. Furthermore, he did not comprehend why you would ever want to do it because it is awful for politics.

Ryan answered by saying Trump simply didn’t think it was ever popular.

When Republicans’ de facto leader, seeking office again in 2024, seemed to oppose reforming the social safety net, Tapper questioned how they could ever agree.

Ryan answered said that it is two things. The first is that “he’s dying quickly.” Ryan maintains that Trump “has a history of failure.”  He said that “everyone knows’ he cost us the Senate time and time again, as well as the House in 2018, the White House in 20, and the White House in 20.”

He believes that we are getting over Trump. That is how “he truly feels.”

“I can’t imagine getting him the nomination,” said Ryan.