Parents Demand Accountability After School Fails on Safety

Over the last several years, the quality of live has been noticeably deteriorating in regions across the United States. Indeed, as rampant inflation continues to crush the American middle class and the buying power of the dollar continues to decline, things have taken a serious turn for the worst for the average citizen economically. Housing prices have skyrocketed, and the dream of home ownership has been deemed unattainable for many Americans across the country, and interest rates continue to rise. Some 60% of Americans are estimated to be living paycheck to paycheck, and wages continue to remain stagnant. The nation’s middle class continues to shrink as a whole and is no longer the thriving backbone of the domestic economy and the country at large.

At the southern border, millions of illegal migrants are estimated to have entered the country in the over two and a half years since the 46th President Joe Biden entered the oval office and commenced his first term as the commander in chief. The president and the government has been unable or unwilling to address this crisis, and migrants have flooded the southern border with Mexico. The National Security and safety of Americans everywhere is at risk due to the porous border; Iranian nationals with possible ties to terror groups were recently apprehended there. It appears the whole world is aware of the open border and enemies of America continue to take advantage of this reality.

Even schools in the United States have been deemed unsafe. In North Carolina, a school district has come under fire by local community members for allegedly failing to address safety concerns. Families from Onslow County in the Tar Heel State have raised concerns after several incidents. At school board meetings, things have become heated in the aftermath of a student shooting months ago and a stabbing the previous school year. The cultural fabric of the troubled country is quickly deteriorating.