Official Forced To Hand Over Election “Evidence” To Soros-Backed Official

( When the fraudulent Secretary of State, Jena Griswold, attempted to unlawfully wipe information from the computers, a Republican Clerk in Colorado handed over the hard drives to authorities.
In a biased piece defending the corrupt Colorado Secretary of State, Reuters wrote:

Following a court order, a Republican county clerk in Colorado was charged by Colorado authorities with sharing election data with activists who “support former President Donald Trump’s stolen election lies.”
Elbert County Clerk Dallas Schroeder created copies of the county’s voting system last year, claiming in legal documents that he had a statutory responsibility to preserve election records till 2020.

According to a Reuters investigation released last week, there have been eight efforts to “obtain illegal access to voting systems” in five US states since the 2020 election. According to the investigation, all featured local Republican officeholders or party activists” promoting Trump’s lies or conspiracy theories about manipulated voting equipment.”
According to the judge’s ruling, Schroeder stated that the hard disks containing the data were not a voting system component and permitted him to make the copies. Judge Gary Kramer of Elbert County District Court dismissed those arguments and ordered him to deliver the hard discs to Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold by Wednesday afternoon.
It’s worth noting that practically every article written by the far-left on the 2020 election states that the election was not rigged, despite substantial proof to the contrary. The film 2000 Mules was released this week, and a former Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge has asked for the election to be decertified. The evidence from the Arizona audit was more than enough to invalidate the election, and there are hundreds of thousands of outstanding ballot concerns in Georgia as well.

The media’s efforts to hide the 2020 election robbery are on par with its efforts to hide Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell. For four years, the media claimed that President Trump was Putin’s puppet, but we now know that this is also incorrect.

Thankfully, the clerk made copies of the hard drives before the fraudulent Secretary of State’s damaged the machines.
The clerk was attempting to preserve evidence in accordance with federal law. Griswold followed the lead of other Democratic Secretaries of State and ordered that local election teams undertake routine maintenance of the state’s voting equipment, but this action would also wipe any information relating to the 2020 election from the devices.
For her conduct during the 2020 election, Griswold is being sued.Why are Democrats lying and claiming that there is no proof of voter fraud in the 2020 election? Even a third-grader can see the election’s widespread and substantial corruption.

Also, why do Democrats not want anybody looking into the voting systems used in the 2020 election and the photos stored on those systems? This is also something even a third-grader can figure out.