Obama Named As Cause Of Hillary Clinton’s Loss By Jim Clyburn

(PresidentialHill.com)- Everybody already knows why Hillary Clinton didn’t win in 2016. She wasn’t personable, she wasn’t trustworthy, she smeared half of the country as white supremacists and Nazis, and she didn’t share the same vision for America as the vast majority of the American public.

That’s established by now, but according to Rep. Jim Clyburn, Clinton didn’t win because President Barack Obama didn’t appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court.

Yes, really.

Speaking To The Hill, House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn said that Clinton would have won the election if Obama had done what Joe Biden did this year and chosen a Supreme Court Justice nominee based entirely on their skin color and sex.

“I#ll always believe that if this had been done when Garland’s name went up that Hillary Clinton would have been president,” he said.

Yes, it’s an insane claim. But have you come to expect anything different from the Democrats these days?

He said that the reason he believes this is voter turnout.

“Look at Hillary Clinton’s turnout,” he said. “I just think the Black vote would have been much more incentivized in Michigan, for instance, and other places, that I think would have made a huge difference.”

He claimed that it would have given Clinton a better message to run on, and that black voters would have turned out in droves to support her.

He didn’t stop to think that maybe black voters liked Trump…and maybe they just didn’t like Clinton. Why would black voters care about a black Supreme Court Justice and not a black president?

Come on…