Obama Calls Herschel Walker A “Vampire”

(PresidentialHill.com)- According to reports, former President Barack Obama campaigned for Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) in Georgia on Thursday, criticizing his GOP opponent Herschel Walker for recent gaffes.

Obama claimed Walker came up with something new every day.  Herschel Walke will face Warnock in a run-off election on December 6th.

Obama said that since my last visit to Georgia,  Mr. Walker had been discussing topics that are very important to the people of Georgia. Like whether it’s better to be a vampire or a werewolf.

Obama was referring to a part of Walker’s mid-November speech.

Obama said it was a discussion he admits he once had when he was seven years old. Then he claimed he grew up.

Old jug-ears wants to talk about gaffes?
Yes, let’s talk about gaffes.

According to reports, on April 2nd, 2009, Obama bowed before King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

It is very inappropriate for one leader to curtsey to another one.

Obama once said  he didn’t know what the term was in Austrian for “wheeling and dealing.”

Obama once proclaimed that we were the country that built the Intercontinental Railroad.

While paying tribute to the iconic singer, Obama said,  “R-S-P-E-C-T.”
He flubbed the spelling of Aretha Franklin’s famous song “Respect.”

Obama not only called the name of a Navy corpsman incorrectly, but he also pronounced Corpsman as Corpse-Man.

The “ps” is silent. Like Obama should be.


In August of 2009, Obama said that UPS and FedEx were doing just fine, and the Post Office always has problems.  He attempted to make a case for government-run healthcare while simultaneously undercutting his argument.

One word: Basketball.

Should I bring up “crazy ol’ uncle Joe” Biden? He has been accused of having dementia because of his severe problems with bizarre mannerisms, his absentmindedness, and… you know… the thing!

According to reports, like Obama, Warnock has had many scandals and gaffes himself.
For example,  In 2002, Warnock and another minister were accused of hindering an investigation into child abuse at a church-run camp.  And that’s not all.

They shouldn’t be pointing fingers at Walker or anybody else.