NZ Politician Pleads Guilty to Theft of Over $8K in Clothes

The Ex-Greens MP from New Zealand has retaliated against accusations that she is playing the mental health card in relation to her theft of over $8,000 worth of clothing.

The strains of her job are clearly having a negative impact on her mental health, she stated at the time.

She said her psychiatrist has told her that her current actions are related to trauma that has gone unrecognized and that recent occurrences have triggered an acute stress reaction.

After stealing apparel valued at $8,367 from three separate stores between October and December of last year, 43-year-old Golriz Ghahraman pled guilty in March to four charges of theft. She has requested that her conviction not be recorded, and she will be sentenced on Thursday after her Monday appearance at the Auckland District Court.

In the aftermath of the allegations, Ghahraman promptly resigned from parliament. She had previously served as the minor party’s justice position.

She said her behavior has been out of character because of the strain and wants to explain her behavior, not make excuses for it.

On Wednesday, Ghahraman talked publicly for the first time about the event, saying that she wanted to be honest about the problems she was suffering.

The 43-year-old woman said she was quick to own up to her mistakes.

The ex-member of parliament claimed that, although she had received criticism, she had also received an overwhelming number of letters of support for coming out.

She said she deeply regrets disappointing so many people, and it would be beneficial for her mental health to step down from her position as a member of parliament. She stated her need to concentrate on her recovery and discover alternative ways to have a positive impact on the world.

Ghahraman, an ex-UN human rights lawyer who sought asylum in New Zealand, became the country’s first refugee to take the oath of office as a member of parliament.

She ran for office in January 2017 on the Green Party’s slate.

Thursday, she will be in court to hear her sentence.