NYPD Gets Special Order Over Potential Trump Arrest 

(PresidentialHill.com)- Beginning at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, all officers in the New York Police Department will be required to wear full uniforms in preparation for social disturbance related to the potential indictment of former President Donald Trump. 

The NYPD has said that all personnel, including detectives who usually wear plain clothing, must henceforth wear the full NYPD uniform. In addition, hundreds of riot police officers have been deployed, and NYPD officers have set up a blockade outside the criminal court complex in lower Manhattan. 

The Democratic mayor of the city, Eric Adams, said on Monday that they’re doing what they usually do. They’re keeping an eye on social media feedback, and the NYPD is doing its regular patrols to make sure nothing out of the ordinary happens in the city 

CBS News reports that police authorities have been using Zoom to communicate with the Secret Service, court officers, and other security personnel. 

Authorities say they’ve seen a rise in domestic violence extremists’ violent internet statements since January 6, 2021, but it’s unknown how widespread any resulting demonstrations will be. More than a thousand people were arrested during the violent protests at the Capitol. 

The Port Authority has also been informed that automobile caravans may cause delays during rush hour on roads, bridges, and tunnels. A retired NYPD lieutenant confirmed to the site that cops would also be watching for any spike in flights into New York City and increasing security at bus and rail stations. 

Last week, anxiety over a possible indictment reached a new peak. The tension arose after it was reported that law enforcement in New York was preparing for the possibility of Trump being charged. Such an indictment would be unprecedented in targeting a sitting president’s immediate predecessor. 

If he gets detained, Trump has called on his fans to demonstrate in New York City’s financial district. On Saturday, Trump indicated that he anticipated being charged by a grand jury on Tuesday. It is unclear why he expects to be arrested on that day. According to Fox News’s sources, should he be detained, his arraignment would not occur until the following week.