North Korea Slams US Over Hunter Biden Trial Verdict

North Korea’s state-run Rodong Sinmun is ridiculing President Joe Biden and his administration. It said on June 24th that the prosecution of Hunter Biden is a farce that mocks Biden’s agenda for gun regulation.

North Korean state media writes that, in America, a dramatic comedy has been produced in order to spark public discourse.  A US president’s son just went to prison for falsely reporting his drug usage in order to get a firearm.  Ironically, only hours before his son was found guilty, Biden highlighted the administration’s initiatives to decrease crime and illicit gun trafficking at a gun violence prevention event.

Biden was belittling and scorning those harmed by gun-related crimes by calling for even more new laws while his son, Hunter, sought a free pass for violating them.  

In the editorial, Biden was portrayed as a hypocrite for his failure to enforce laws and disarming its citizens. Biden was also accused of rewarding unscrupulous political and corporate interests.

The dictatorship in North Korea makes a strong case for why people in free countries should have firearms.

The editorial skirted the truth of living under a merciless communist dictatorship in order to declare American society a living nightmare and the largest wasteland of human rights in the world, where the working class is manipulated by lies and deceit.

Using hyperbole, North Korean state propagandists were essentially reiterating an attack line first used by the Chinese Communist Party: the United States is hypocritically praising ideals in which it does not genuinely believe.

Editorialists in Beijing seem to think that by bringing up issues with gun violence and racial tension in the United States, they can divert attention away from the enslavement and genocide in China.

North Korean state media has previously characterized Biden as an idiot with a low IQ and lacking in basic human qualities due to his comparisons of Trump, the present president, to dictators and tyrants such as Kim and Putin, the presidents of Russia and Ukraine. It said that Biden would pay for that remark.

North Korea was ignoring Washington’s attempts to communicate with it in March 2021, according to North Korean VP of Foreign Affairs Choe Son-hui, who characterized Biden as a madman and said that engaging with Biden’s administration was pointless.