Nikki Haley Says Biden Is Giving Iran A Bomb

( The Abraham Accords and Iran dominated the agenda at CUFI’s 17th annual Washington Summit, where Nikki Haley dropped a presidential hint.

Haley said that Iran would keep cheating. Anything Joe Biden signs will ensure Iran obtains the bomb. No agreement is better than a poor deal, and if this president strikes a deal, Haley vows the next president will destroy it on day one.

“Just saying – sometimes it takes a woman,” she said to cheers.

Haley supported Israel in destroying Iran’s nuclear program.

She said If America doesn’t do it, Israel should, and we should help. Real dangers exist, but Israel will endure, she believes.

According to its website, CUFI has 7.1 million members. CUFI founder and Chairman John Hagee remarked during “A Night to Honor Israel” that Jews and Israel are synonymous. He said Anti-Zionism is anti-Israel/anti-Semitic.

Michael Herzog, Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., said he considered it his responsibility “to resist these harmful tendencies in America.”

He said Anti-Zionists imply and often proclaim that the Jewish people have no right to a state — a blanket denial of Israel’s right to exist.

Herzog stressed “a concerted strategy” to counter Iran’s hostile activities. The Abraham Accords are a weapon against Iran.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Rashid Al Khalifa, Bahrain’s U.S. ambassador, said his country and CUFI “share enough beliefs and interests to work more closely together.”

He added that the Children of Abraham should sit respectfully together even if they disagree.

Nothing can justify nasty, Neanderthal conduct like anti-Semitism, he claimed.

He stated the Abraham Accords “were a public announcement, not a beginning point” for strengthening Bahrain-Israeli ties.

Haley criticized Biden’s foreign policy in her keynote presentation and linked America’s bungled exit from Afghanistan to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and dangers from North Korea and Iran. She claimed these nations derived power from U.S. weakness and absence in the area.

When Bagram fell, the ayatollahs cheered, she claimed.

She believed Biden’s approach to Mohammed bin Salman was incorrect.

“No surprise the Saudis like Russia and China,” she remarked. “America, Saudi Arabia, and Israel working together is the ayatollahs’ No. 1 defeat.