Nikki Haley Is Catching Up To Trump In New Hampshire

In these trying and tumultuous times in domestic and global American politics, many are heavily focused on the presidential battle for power. Since taking office in January 2021, President Joe Biden has overseen an unstable and problematic period in American affairs. This has resulted in Biden being viewed as unpopular and incompetent, with a recent poll showing the president at a 61% disapproval rating. Bidens vulnerability is a worrying factor for Democrats hopeful of keeping control of the nation’s executive branch in 2024.

In the Republican field, former president Donald Trump boasts a substantial high double digit lead over his nearest challenger, Ron Desantis. Despite facing four criminal allegations and an endless barrage of overwhelmingly negative media coverage, Trump remains poised to become the Republican 2024 presidential nominee and is the undisputed frontrunner of the crowded field of candidates. As the election draws nearer and signs point to a Trump nomination, political opponents on both the left and the right seek to stop him at all costs. In a recent development, a Colorado court ruled that the 14th amendment to the U.S. constitutions “disqualification” clause could be utilized as a means to prevent Trump from seeking office and bar him from the presidential ballot in that state. The amendment was put in place in the aftermath of the American civil war as a preventative measure against ex-confederate leaders from holding political power.

While Trump faces growing legal hurdles and is assaulted from all sides, his Republican challengers remaining in the race are trying desperately to gain traction. In New Hampshire, Nikki Haley (the center-right establishment candidate in the GOP) appears to have cut Trumps lead in New Hampshire to 15 points. While that is still a substantial cushion with time winding down before the primary voting takes place, it gives supporters a glimmer of hope that Trump may be vulnerable and perhaps he can be slowed down in New Hampshire.