Niger Ends US Relations, Blames ‘Threats’ From WH Official

The US Assistant Secretary of State (African Affairs), Molly Phee, made a colossal blunder in Niger. The US is now being commanded to withdraw its military from a strategically important country.

U.S. law mandates the suspension of security assistance and counterterrorism operations following last year’s military coup that deposed Niger’s democratically elected president. These operations had included the collection of intelligence on militant activities in the region from a large drone base in northern Niger. In the midst of status negotiations with Niger and calls for the junta to start restoring democracy, the US has maintained over 1,000 military soldiers stationed there.

While negotiating the US military deployment in Niger, Prime Minister Ali Mahaman Lamine Zeine accused Molly Phee of making threats against authorities in a recent interview with media.

Reports indicate that Phee was held fully responsible by the Nigerian leader for the total deterioration of ties. Zeine claimed she threatened them in their own country after Molly Phee’s March 2024 speech to the leadership of Niger. He called it inappropriate that she would go there to dictate to them who Niger may have relationships with. Zeine said that  Phee conducted herself with an air of superiority and disrespect.

The Biden Administration’s latest foreign policy blunder in Niger was revealed in April.

American forces are reportedly lacking medical supplies and water while they are stranded in the country. Biden’s State Department was outmaneuvered, leaving deployed Americans in a state of ambiguity and unable to carry out their duties. As a result of the lack of diplomacy skills, the United States military will soon withdraw from Niger, leaving the country’s anti-American leadership with an airfield valued at one hundred million dollars USD.

It was recently discovered that American troops have been forced to share the US airfield with the Russian military.