Newsmax Host Defends Trump From Fox News Attacks

( Ahead of the midterm elections, the Newsmax host, Greg Kelly, lashed out at the mainstream media and accused Fox News of ignoring former President Donald Trump.

The performance of Republicans fell short of their expectations. They appear to be in a position to recapture the House with a moderate majority, although the Democrats may maintain their hold on the Senate.

After Trump made hundreds of endorsements, many critics, especially conservative ones, have laid blame on Trump for the situation. A few of his favored candidates have been defeated in contests that appeared to be easily won.

Kelly, a former journalist for Fox News, stated those in the mainstream media “helped construct Trump, and they will never forgive themselves.”

According to him, as a direct consequence, Trump has become a persona non grata on social media and cable television.

After observing that Newsmax broadcast Trump’s rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday, Kelly stated, “He’s not as central as he should be, as I want him to be, quite honestly.” Kelly was referring to the fact that Trump’s rally was shown on Newsmax.

The host stated, “Fox News – sure, Fox News – they ignore him,” followed by a pause.

He lamented that they ignored President Trump. He said that they always act that way.

In addition, Kelly observed that Trump’s remarks from Mar-a-Lago on election night were shown on Newsmax but not on Fox News.

Kelly asked what it is that they do over there on Fox News.

“You do realize it was a continuation of the Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum show, don’t you?”

“We’re not going to take a look at the previous President of the United States,” he said emphatically. Someone advised us not to, Rupert Murdoch, our chairmen, or somebody, so we are not going to forward with it.”

He then said, “Fox. Folks, you cannot rely on them in any way. They are a collection of vain people who are just in it for the money, status, and prestige.”