New Poll Shows Americans Don’t Agree With “The Squad” About Police

( Have you noticed how the Democrats have suddenly stopped talking about “defunding the police”? Well, they may have finally realized that the policy is not only unworkable but hugely unpopular.

A new poll from Politico and Morning Consult published on Wednesday shows how 69% of respondents say that increasing police funding would result in a dramatic reduction in crime.

20% of respondents say that decreasing funding for the police would lower crime – which makes no sense, of course – and 68% said that it wouldn’t.

Respondents were asked by pollsters about why they think violent crime is on the rise across the United States, too. Some 49% said that they think defunding the police was a major cause for the violent crime spike, which is taking place mostly in Democrat-run cities.

Some 36% thought that the impact of the COVID pandemic on mental health was driving violent crime, and another 46% said that the crime spike was caused by a lack of funding for mental health programs.

These are all fair points, but the interesting thing here is that the majority of Americans just don’t agree with the Democrats’ take on policing and crime.

New York City is just one of many examples of Democrat-run cities struggling with violent crime. Shootings are taking place in busy streets, robberies are increasing, and gang members are fighting in the streets and injuring innocent people in the process.

An infant was even shot in the face in the Bronx.

Do Democrats still think that defunding the police works? Did they ever believe it at all?

At this point, it’s hard to tell. All we know is that the American people know it’s an absurd idea.