New Poll Reveals Almost Half of Democrat Voters Want Biden Replaced

Almost half of the Democrats who participated in a recent poll think that President Biden ought to decline the party’s nomination to head the ticket in November.

According to a poll published on June 30th by CBS News/YouGov, 45% of registered Democrat voters think Joe Biden should stand down as party nominee, while 55% think he should keep running. A similar question asked in February 2024 had 64% of voters responding the same,  a decrease of 10 percentage points. Similarly, 46%, an increase of 10% from February, said he had no business being in the race.

Democrats are questioning whether Biden should remain the ticket’s leader after his weak performance in the presidential debate, which prompted the survey. The Biden campaign and the White House have tried to allay fears by pointing out that Biden was sick with a cold.

While 59% of Democrats still think Biden is mentally and cognitively fit to be president, that’s a big decrease from 71% a month earlier. Between June 28 and 29, 1,130 eligible voters were polled, and the results had a margin of error of +/- 4.2 %.

After President Joe Biden’s terrible performance in the presidential debate, his son, Hunter Biden, allegedly urged him to stay in the race.

President Joe Biden looked bewildered and froze, had problems getting through his closing argument, and referenced several false claims. It was reported that he had met with multiple members of his family at Camp David to talk about the future of his presidential campaign.

As reported by the New York Times, the President was joined by various members of the Biden family, including First Lady Jill Biden, daughter Ashley Biden, son Hunter Biden, and Joe’s grandkids.  Legally challenged Hunter Biden was characterized as the biggest proponent of another Biden term.

According to multiple unidentified sources close to the matter, the Biden family allegedly encouraged the president to remain in the race and continue fighting, even though many voters, Democrat officials, and contributors are doubting Biden’s ability to serve again and are calling a replacement.