Nancy Pelosi Threat Was Held On to By Secret Service Until After January 6th

( A far-Left activist group is accusing Secret Service agents of not giving Speaker Nancy Pelosi advance notice of a social media threat against lawmakers until after the January 6 riot.

The leftwing group, Citizens for Responsibly & Ethics in Washington (CREW), whose website is crammed with histrionic “reports” about the so-called “Insurrection,” claimed last week that two days before the 3-hour riot at the Capitol, Secret Service agents found a user on the social media platform Parler who was making threats against lawmakers, including Pelosi.

These messages, CREW claims, were a “clear call for a violent overthrow of the American government on January 6, 2021.”

But you’ll just have to take CREW’s word for it. They refuse to post any details of the offending social media messages, choosing instead to offer quotes without citations.

According to CREW, a Twitter account run by the same person also encouraged people going to the “Stop the Steal” rally to keep their “MAGA gear” hidden since Washington is a very blue city and Leftwing groups like Antifa and BLM might attack them.

Seems like sensible advice since every time Trump supporters rallied in Washington, Antifa attacked them.

But for some reason, CREW found this tweet especially horrifying. Why? Who knows?

Now, that isn’t to say the idiot who was posting these comments wasn’t making vitriolic comments.

According to CREW, this same account claimed on January 2 that Biden would die “shortly after being elected” and “Patriots” were going to tear off his head.

Okay, he’s not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

It isn’t clear from CREW’s “report” whether the person behind this social media account was in Washington on January 6.

CREW implies that the Secret Service must have had some ulterior motive for not informing lawmakers about these social media threats until after the January 6 riot and accuses the Secret Service of not being prepared for the violence that happened that day.