Nancy Pelosi Suffers Incoherent Speech Patterns During Press Conference

( The American corporate media, who have turned a blind eye to Joe Biden’s declining cognitive health, have been speculating furiously over whether or not Russian President Vladimir Putin is in poor health and has lost his mind.

Putin has been so isolated because of the COVID pandemic, the media explains, that his grip on reality is impaired and that’s why he decided to invade Ukraine.

In short, they reduce a complex geopolitical situation down to “Putin must be crazy.”

Perhaps it’s time for the media to take a look at the so-called “leaders” a little closer to home.

Joe Biden is a near-octogenarian whose brain has slipped the tracks.

If Putin is a danger because near isolation has turned him batty, what does that say about Joe Biden who spent the 2020 election campaign hiding in isolation in his basement in Delaware?

Then there’s Nancy Pelosi.

As Speaker of the House, she is third in line to the Presidency.

But Pelosi turns 82 on March 26. And while she’s always been a bit of a babbling fool, her advancing age has rendered her incomprehensible.

Every Thursday, Pelosi delivers her weekly press briefing. And every Thursday, Nancy offers up more incomprehensible gibberish and laughable lies while reporters pretend everything’s fine, nothing to see here folks!

During her press briefing on March 9, Pelosi offered this take on Vladimir Putin, the war in Ukraine, and possible US involvement:

Third in line to the Presidency.

Compared to Nancy Pelosi, Vladimir Putin is the picture of health.