Nancy Pelosi Leaves Taiwan Off Asia Trip Itinerary

( Taiwan was not included in Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) schedule for her trip to Asia, including travels to Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan. Pelosi took five Democrats on her journey but did not invite any Republicans.

While communist China has made provocative threats warning against a stop in Taiwan, with the promise to shoot down Pelosi’s plane, Joe Biden indicated his and the Pentagon’s dissatisfaction at the idea of the trip.

President Xi Jinping reportedly told Biden in a phone call on Thursday, “Those who play with fire will eventually get burnt,” according to China’s Xinjua news agency.

Other than to cause difficulties and get information about her spouse’s insider trading, Nancy Pelosi’s involvement with China and Taiwan makes little sense. The China situation is the last thing she should be involved in since she will only worsen it. Everything she touches ends up in chaos. She has created conflict and animosity. Warships are now circling in the South China Sea.

As part of the Asia tour, Pelosi was scheduled to visit Taiwan in April; however, the trip was postponed because she tested positive for COVID. Since the information about Pelosi’s latest scheduled trip to Taiwan initially surfaced approximately two weeks ago, all kinds of speculations have been circulated. According to the most recent rumors, Pelosi will visit Taiwan on August 4 without prior notice.
According to sources, Pelosi will meet with Tsai Ing-wen in Taipei on August 4 before traveling to Taiwan through the US Air Force Base in Clark, Philippines. Then, in the late afternoon on the fifth, her jet touched down at Yokota’s US Air Force Base in Tokyo.

Be rest assured, says China. “If Pelosi’s plane experiences some emergency problems and has to land somewhere during her flight around China, PLA fighter jets in the region will provide her protection,” Chinese media outlets said.

Pelosi made this statement in Asia –
“28 years ago, we journeyed to Tiananmen Square to remember the heroism & sacrifice of the students, workers & ordinary citizens who stood for the dignity & human rights that all people deserve. We are still devoted to telling the world about their experience.”

The ChiComs are still around.