Multiple Officials Warn of ‘Imminent Terrorist Attack’ in the U.S. 

In the United States, over the last several years the political, cultural, fiscal, and social climate in the nation has truly deteriorated. Since the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and the election of the 46th president of the United States the current incumbent the long serving career politician from Delaware and Pennsylvania Joe Biden to the oval office, things have been far from rosy in the union. Fiscally, rampant inflation has crushed the American working class, and the cost of basic necessities like food, groceries, and other household items have risen exorbitantly in cost. Energy bills, interest rates, and home prices have become insanely expensive. In truth, most average Americans are no longer living the same quality of life they once enjoyed just a few short years ago. This serious increase in the cost of living is apparent when examining fast food prices, which have increased since 2014. It is estimated that six out of every ten citizens are living on a weekly basis.

As wages stagnate, the buying power of the dollar continues to decline, and American consumer credit card debt and the national federal deficit continue to balloon to record heights, the national security of the country is also at a heightened risk. Since 2021, it is estimated that over five and a half million illegal migrants have entered the nation in the last several years under the presidency of Joe Biden. Bidens immigration policies have created a serious crisis, and it is estimated that by fall 2024, over eight million illegal migrants will be on the federal migration backlog. Conservatives continue to claim Biden has made America less safe and is operating in political terms (seeking amnesty to foreigners for voting reasons). 

Biden has denied these claims. Regardless, the New York post recently publish an article that claimed that a CIA director and a Republican Committee Congressional Chairman have alleged that a terrorist attack is imminent in the U.S..