MTG Tells Steve Bannon She Will Have Her Revenge

( After the January 6 riot at the Capitol sent everyone into a mad panic, some major corporations and organizations reacted reflexively, announcing that they would pull all political contributions to Republican lawmakers who challenged the electoral votes when Congress met to certify the 2020 presidential election.

While many remained true to their pledge, some companies eventually dropped it after the initial heat over January 6 died down.

Last week, Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green suggested that after Republicans retake the House in January, there would be investigations into the companies that pulled their donations.

Greene appeared on podcaster Steve Bannon’s show last week where Bannon asked her if major corporations have “anything to fear from a populist House.”

Greene brought up the aftermath of the January 6 riot, noting that some of those corporations and lobbyists “stopped donating” to a lot of her Republican colleagues to whom they used to donate. She mocked the companies, claiming they wouldn’t support Republicans “because of the big lie or whatever,” adding that this would not be forgotten “by a whole bunch of my Republican colleagues because that was really ridiculous and wrong.”

When the country is faced with genuine threats from a weaponized federal government, the failure to secure the southern border, and the potential national security threat of a compromised president, targeting big corporations for not donating to some Republicans seems a bit petty.

The current president is draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserves to the point where it is a risk to our national security. The Justice Department is arresting pro-life activists while turning a blind eye to criminals vandalizing and setting fire to pro-life pregnancy centers. These are far more pressing issues than whether some Republican lawmakers don’t get donations from big corporations.

If Republicans retake the House, couldn’t the argument be made that Republican lawmakers didn’t need donations from big corporations to win elections?