“Morning Joe” Says Very Dangerous Precedent Will Be Set If Trump Is Charged

(PresidentialHill.com)- Joe Scarborough said that former Attorney General Bill Barr was right to predict that Donald Trump’s illegal storage of confidential materials at Mar-a-Lago would have significant repercussions for the future of American politics.

Morning Joe examined Barr’s most recent Fox News interview on Thursday. In it, he predicted that the DOJ is “very near” to charging the former president, but he also posed the question, “What will that do to the country? Will it establish a precedent of any kind? There will be “a lot of pressure to indict Trump because if anyone else would’ve gotten indicted, why not indict him?

Barr was “raising the appropriate questions” about the situation, according to Scarborough and Willie Geist, who acknowledged that Barr correctly recognized the issue’s implications.

Scarborough remarked that the government has a case to indict Donald Trump, but as Barr says, “Should they indict him?”

Scarborough believes that Trump should be charged, but he also cautioned that Republicans would try to use the precedent set to exact vengeance on Democrats.

He feels you can bet your bottom dollar that Republicans would do all in their power, as a Republican government, to indict the next Democratic predecessor.

Scarborough said there’s a reason Jerry Ford earned the profile in courage award—he was willing to give up his presidency to end the protracted national nightmare that Richard Nixon brought about. People eventually calmed down and concluded that was best for our republic. The scope of what Donald Trump has done, in Scarborough’s opinion, is so terrible that no attorney general, let alone a fair-minded attorney general, would have any choice but to indict him. However, this does not imply that doing so will create, as Barr claimed, an utterly disgusting precedent.
John Heilemann understood Scarborough’s argument on the broader ramifications. He asserted that there must now be a decision regarding how to handle the matter because Trump has already pushed the nation into an unheard-of circumstance.

Scarborough worries that the door will be opened in this situation. However, he doesn’t want to establish the other precedent, which would allow a president to leave office, steal a number of documents, and take them to their private home, including top secret documents, and let that president get away with that. In either scenario, you create a precedent.