More Celebrities Leave California Over Safety Fears, Move to Other States

Actor Kirk Cameron recently decided to leave California and move to Tennessee, following in the footsteps of other notable figures who have also chosen to leave the Golden State.

The actor and author known for his roles in “Left Behind” and “Growing Pains”  expressed his contemplation of relocating from California in recent years. He particularly cited the state’s oppressive COVID-19 regulations as a significant factor in his decision-making process.

The state of California implemented some of the nation’s most stringent lockdowns. It wasn’t until June 2021 that Newsom lifted the stay-at-home orders, even though he shut down the state in early March 2020. Newsom had no problem breaking his own rules of social distancing to eat at the world-renowned French Laundry for lobbyist Jason Kinney’s 50th birthday party.

Cameron (53) has stated his intention to relocate to a society that embraces a healthy sense of freedom, pointing to the divisions generated by California as an example. He strongly opposes drag queen story time and is in favor of library story hours and books with a religious message that is suitable for children’s age groups. 

Cameron expresses his amazement at the large number of Californians in Tennessee.  He tells them not to “California” Tennessee.   

The United States Census Bureau estimates that almost half a million Californians died between 2020 and 2022 at the height of the COVID-19 epidemic. Nevertheless, data from the California Department of Finance indicates that the state’s population increased by around 67,000 people in 2023, or a growth of 0.17%.

The population of California was around 410,000 lower in January compared to April of 2020, according to statistics from both the state and the federal government. Around 2030, the population of California will have grown by 67,000 individuals if current trends in population growth are sustained.

According to Cameron, Tennessee is a great place to be for those who are facing economic challenges and seeking a community that values God, family, and country. He believes that Tennessee offers a welcoming environment for people who share these values.