Mitt Romney Slams Republicans Who Called Out Biden During Speech Utah’s nominal Republican Senator

( Utah’s nominal Republican Senator Mitt Romney got the vapors last week after two Republican congresswomen heckled President Biden during his low-rated State of the Union Address, calling their behavior “repulsive and repugnant.”

Wait till Mitt finds out what Nancy Pelosi did during Trump’s last State of the Union Address.

Republicans Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert called out the president both over his refusal to mention the 13 US service members killed in Kabul last August and his disastrous handling of the southern border.

During a press call with Utah reporters last Wednesday, the fussy RINO called their behavior “discourteous” and “totally inappropriate,” adding “We are not the English House of Commons.”

Romney said lawmakers should “sit with respect” regardless of the president’s party and “yelling out accusations” was “really repugnant and repulsive.”

But then Romney gave the game away. He told reporters that people in his party “do things that embarrass me.”

This is the problem with Mitt Romney. He desperately wants the media to know he’s not like the rest of the Republican Party. Romney spends so much time distancing himself from the other members of the GOP, it’s a wonder he hasn’t distanced himself all the way to New Zealand by now.

Romney wants a return to a time when Republicans just sat there silent while Democrats deployed any tactic imaginable to defeat them. He longs to return to the days when the GOP was the party of Gentleman Losers.

During the press call, Romney complained that when his party “comes across as being stupid,” that isn’t going to help. He said Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are more focused on social media acclaim than they are solving the problems facing the American people.

Romney told reporters that Democrats and Republicans have to work together to improve people’s lives, but some politicians in both parties are more focused on “performing and making a splash” to do it.

The problems Romney wants Congress to solve include dealing with China, the economy, rising crime, and illegal immigration. Romney told reporters that this work can only get done by people who do more than just talk.