Mitt Romney Admits Endorsements Don’t Make a Difference

( Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee is running for reelection in the upcoming Midterm elections in November and is facing several primary challengers. However, his colleague, Utah’s freshman RINO senator, Mitt Romney, has yet to endorse anyone in the Republican primary.

Earlier this month, Romney admitted to Deseret News that he might not endorse any candidate in the Republican Senate primary, telling the outlet that he doesn’t think endorsements make a difference.

Senator Lee is being challenged by grifter candidate Evan McMullin in the Republican primary. The NeverTrump McMullin, a Utah resident, launched a laughable third-party run for the White House in 2016 and to this day, his campaign still owes money.

Lee’s other primary challengers are former Republican state lawmaker Becky Edwards and businesswoman Ally Isom.

Romney told the Deseret News that he is friends with all of the people running in the race and ordinarily, he would avoid endorsing one person when all of them are his friends. Romney hasn’t made up his mind entirely, however, telling Deseret he might endorse or he might not.

The nominal Republican added that he isn’t sure any of the candidates are anxious to receive his endorsement nor does he know if his endorsement would be a net plus or a net minus to any of them. Romney noted that none of the candidates in the race has asked for his endorsement.

Deseret News spoke with the co-director of Brigham Young University’s Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy, Chris Karopwitz, who suggested that Romney is choosing not to endorse Mike Lee because Lee and Romney appeal to different voters within the Republican base.

Karpowitz said Romney and Lee also have different visions regarding the future of the Republican Party, noting that both Senators had very different responses to the Trump administration.

While Romney sits on the sidelines with nobody asking for his endorsement, Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul and South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem recently appeared at a fundraiser with Senator Lee hosted by the Utah Federal of Republican Women.