Mitch McConnell To Attend Blake Masters Event As Feud Ends

( According to a source familiar with the plans, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will attend a fundraiser for Arizona Republican Blake Masters later in September.

According to the source, the two Republicans had a “nice meeting” at a related Masters fundraiser on Tuesday night. The GOP Senate leader and the former venture capitalist are burying their differences through this planning. According to reports, McConnell and other prominent Republicans have expressed considerable concern about statistics showing that Masters is lagging outgoing Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly in polls and fundraising.

Throughout a contentious Republican primary, Masters relentlessly attacked McConnell, pledging to oppose him for Majority Leader if the party regained the Senate. Masters suggested Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley or Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton as the leaders of the Republican Conference in place of McConnell, while he admitted that McConnell would probably be re-elected to the top spot in the GOP for the ninth time.
Masters McConnell’s not inept in every area. He excels at judges. He excels at obstructing Democrats. But he noted that he has no talent for Legislating.

However, Masters has toned down his rhetoric throughout the general election campaign. He hopes McConnell does come in and says the two of them will find a way to work together.

For their part, McConnell and his supporters have made many oblique jabs at Masters’ fundraising and political savvy. Late in August, the Senate Leadership Fund (SLF), a McConnell-affiliated Super PAC, canceled an $8 million ad buy in Arizona. The organization used the funds in a way that they described as “an unanticipated expense” to help JD Vance in Ohio.

McConnell and other top Republicans reportedly persuaded billionaire computer mogul Peter Thiel to sponsor Masters and Vance. Masters was COO at Thiel Capital before running for Senate with Vance and Thiel.

Thiel paid $15 million to Super PACs boosting Masters and Vance during the primaries. Masters has raised $50 million less than Kelly, while the Saving Arizona PAC has spent $224,000. OpenSecrets says the PAC spent $3.75 million fighting Masters’ two significant challengers.

Thiel convinced Trump to back Masters and Vance. After the former president was endorsed, two candidates emerged from the splintered primary fields.