Middle-Aged British Woman Dies After Lorry Fatally Collides

A truck ran down a middle-aged lady on a stretch of road in East London that has a terrible reputation for accidents.

Along with the London Ambulance Service, the Met Police were sent to Cambridge Heath Road at 10:44 a.m. on Thursday, where they attended to the 50-year-old lady.

According to an ambulance service representative, they received a call at 10:50 am on Thursday, May 23, about a pedestrian and a truck involved in a traffic accident near the infamous intersection. An ambulance crew, an officer specializing in incident response, and members of the hazardous area response team were sent to the location. In addition, they sent a carload of trauma specialists from London’s Air Ambulance. Within three minutes, their first paramedics were at the site.

Police are now trying to determine the woman’s next of kin after paramedics were unable to save her.

No one has been taken into custody yet, but the police have verified that the truck driver stopped after colliding with the victim.

The deadly crash caused the closure of both lanes of Cambridge Heath Road, a road that has been the scene of other incidents in the last few years.

In February, a white transit van contained the corpse of a guy that was discovered in February of this year. Officers used battering hammers to attempt to unlock the van’s doors.

At the intersection of Cambridge Heath Road and Hackney Road in 2020, a cyclist was killed when a truck crashed into him. The Metropolitan Police Department later appealed.

In 2016, a large truck slammed into a bus, ripping off its top deck.

Earlier this week, a bus driver caused a thirty-minute backup in traffic in three directions in East London.

In his testimony, 32-year-old witness Mads Voxen said that the truck driver informed him that the vehicle’s uneven weight distribution—light materials on one end and heavy concrete on the other—was the reason it tipped over while he was executing a turn.

The event did not result in any injuries.