Melania Trump BREAKS HER SILENCE – Trump Responds!

According to a report, while Donald Trump issued a fiery response to his detractors on Sunday, Melania Trump finally spoke up for the first time following her husband’s indictment and arraignment in New York.

The former first lady Melania Trump tweeted, “Happy Easter!” along with a picture of a pink rose. This was the first time she had posted anything online since the Manhattan criminal investigation that has been enveloping her husband began.

Later in the day, Mar-a-Lago hosted an Easter event. 

A report shows the Mar-a-Lago Easter Luncheon is a family tradition known to gather together all of President Trump’s children, with one notable exception of Ivanka Trump, who is observant in the Jewish religion. Ever since she was a little girl, Tiffany has made it a habit to spend Easter with her father. Tiffany spent her childhood in California with her mother, Marla Maples.

Earlier in the week at Mar-a-Lago, hours after making history as the first sitting president of the US to be arraigned, Trump spoke publicly for the first time.

Trump said he has a wonderful family, and all of us here are quite grateful to them for the wonderful work that they’ve done.  They’ve been through a lot, he remarked.

According to reports, around four hundred supporters gathered at his home and club in Palm Beach, Florida, to hear the 76-year-old former president speak.  

According to a tweet sent by the Office of Melania Trump, over the last several weeks, media outlets have formed inferences regarding the former First Lady’s viewpoint on various topics, including those that are private, professional, and political topics.  These articles reference sources that do not provide their names to support the author’s arguments.

In a subsequent tweet, the wife of the former president encourages readers to use care and good judgment when deciding whether or not reports involving the former First Lady are factual, especially when they fail to mention Mrs. Melania Trump as the origin of the information. This request comes after the initial tweet in which she asked readers to apply caution and good judgment.