Megyn Kelly Thinks CNN Stars Are Lying In Damning Statement To Viewers

( It’s not every day that a media figure quadruples down on a claim they concede they can’t back up with proof, but here we are in 2022.

According to Mediaite, Megyn Kelly was “doubling down” on baselessly accusing CNN’s Don Lemon of covertly paying off accuser Dustin Hice to withdraw his lawsuit against the CNN anchor earlier this month, ignoring substantial, basic faults in Hice’s case. Kelly replied to the report by tweeting that she was “tripling down” on her claims and that anyone who disagreed with her would “look silly for obediently accepting this BS stuff.”

In March, Mediaite conducted an in-depth investigation into the Hice case and discovered numerous inconsistencies in Kelly’s account. Hice remarked that the event left him “shocked and embarrassed” and “emotionally crushed.” His defense attorney began questioning crucial witnesses while they were under oath and asked about his deleting of text messages and social media posts, which led to the collapse of his case.

According to Hice’s lawsuit, on June 15, 2018, he worked as a bartender in the Hamptons for the summer when his supervisor, George Gounelas, decided to close up shop early. The two men walked to another neighborhood tavern with bar customer Isabel Peters, where they spotted Lemon.

According to the complaint, the CNN presenter “stuck his hand down the front of his shorts, forcefully stroked his genitalia, withdrew his hand, and placed his index and middle fingers into Plaintiff’s mustache under Plaintiff’s nose.”

Hice said that the alleged attack left him “shocked and embarrassed” and “emotionally distraught,” that he “lived in terror” of running into Lemon again, that it was difficult for him to continue working in the Hamptons, and that he was emotionally damaged, having suicidal thoughts.

On Oct. 1, 2021, Caroline Polisi, Lemon’s lawyer, filed a penalty request against Hice, alleging that he “selectively deleted innumerable text messages, social media postings and messages, and damning images, fearing that this information would be detrimental to him in the case.”

The judge said that Hice’s behavior, taken as a whole, reflects an attempt to deceive this Court by assaulting the integrity of the litigation process and must be dealt with accordingly.

The court not only ordered Hice to pay Lemon $77,119.33 in attorney’s fees and expenses but also decided that the jury would be given an adverse inference instruction.

In Tuesday’s podcast, Kelly updated the sexual assault case against CNN’s Don Lemon, saying that Hice had walked away from his lawsuit many months after appearing on her show and describing the alleged event.

Kelly then presented a recording of Hice from a November episode of her podcast. He stated his charges, including saying, “I look at my boss,” before claiming. Lemon assaulted him, indicating Gounelas was there to witness the incident.

Then she read Hice’s drop-suit declaration.

Kelly chuckled and said it reads like a hostage statement. She said she has no reportable proof but has ten years of legal practice and 20 as a legal analyst. No plaintiff walks away from a case against a public person without being rewarded.

Kelly labeled the media agenda-driven, partisan, and leftist.

Megyn said that Americans wake up and question the mainstream media’s slant. They’ve found honest news sources, and she’s happy to be one.