Megyn Kelly Makes Physical Threat On National Show

The culture wars continue to ramp up after Megyn Kelly fired back at actress Charlize Theron during her Sirius XM podcast, according to The Daily Wire. Like many Hollywood actors that support drag queens and shows for children, Theron threatened to “f*** anybody up” who does not support drag. 

Theron’s comments came during an appearance on the “Drag Isn’t Dangerous” telethon. Although Kelly admitted that she does not know Theron, she noted a “weird connection” she felt because Theron played her in the 2019 movie “Bombshell,” which focused on the females at Fox News who took on Roger Ailes for allegations of assault and a misogynistic work environment. 

Nevertheless, that “weird connection” did not keep Kelly from challenging Theron to “f*** her up” because of their disagreement on drag. Kelly said that while drag shows can be fun, they are “deeply disturbing” when they are performed for children, which is currently happening. 

Many on the left are reportedly refusing to acknowledge that drag shows are inappropriate for children, but viral videos show parents taking their children to see the explicit performers and sometimes even performing in the shows themselves.

Kelly also went after the actress for giving her opinion from a position of privilege, saying that pedophiles do not go after rich kids who come from a good background. She said that Theron is laying the foundation for “grooming and exploitation of children” but will not have to clean up her mess. She concluded by making the differentiation between consensual adult performances and the exploitation of children, calling the latter “dangerous.” 

Kelly’s comments come a couple of weeks after she criticized the transgender movement for invading women’s spaces, according to The Daily Wire. The host focused on the absurd story of a biological male who was allegedly “trans.” Darren Glines got out of criminal charges for indecent exposure in a female locker room after the judge ruled that he was “too fat” to expose himself to anyone.