Megyn Kelly ERUPTS On Camera – “Sit Down…”

Olympic Soccer star Megan Rapinoe and Women’s NBA basketball player were verbally bludgeoned by former Fox Host Megyn Kelly. 

On her Sirius XM “The Megyn Kelly Show,” Kelly called out the activist duo for championing transgender men competing against women in women’s high school and college sports. 

Kelly told her two million followers that the two professional athletes should “sit down” because they are upholding something that doesn’t affect them. The only ones voicing an opinion should be parents of young girls competing fairly with opponents of the same sex. 

Rapinoe and Bird have long advocated for the right of men to compete against women in female sports.

On his first day in office as President Joe Biden signed an executive order reversing the Trump position on trans men competing in women’s sports according to their biological sex at birth and not their gender identity.

Rapinoe, Bird, and 49 other female left-wing activists are joining forces against H.B. 3293 Protection of Girls and Women in Sports Act. They’re collecting signatures for a petition to the legislature opposing the act prohibiting gender-identifying trans men from competing with biological women in sports. 

A West Virginia federal judge appointed by President Bill Clinton has upheld the “Save Women’s Sports Act,” separating the sexes by biology and not gender identity, thus leveling the playing field for women  — at least in West Virginia. 

The judge pointed out the obvious that some women are better at some sports than men, but there are physical differences that favor men in most sports. 

Legal analysts claim the West Virginia ruling is constitutional and consistent with Title XI. Future court challenges may rule differently. 

Florida Rep. Greg Steube introduced the bill to the legislature in February. A clarification of Title IX needs to classify athletes by their biological sex at birth and not their preferred gender identity. 

Rapinoe, Bird, and Becky Sauerbrunn each feel men should be allowed to compete against women and opposed Steube’s bill in a letter.