Megyn Kelly Calls Kamala Harris “Big Air Sandwich”

( On her show this week, host Megyn Kelly welcomed the hosts of the popular conservative “Ruthless” podcast. And during the segment, Kelly and her three guests hilariously dismantled the bungling, verbally-inept Vice President Kamala Harris.

While discussing the ever-worsening crisis at the southern border, Kelly and her guests, Josh Holmes, Comfortably Smug, and Michael Duncan, joked about Kamala being placed in charge, with one sarcastically pointing out that “nobody has more clearly articulated” Joe Biden’s vision than Kamala Harris.

Megyn Kelly chimed in describing Kamala as “one big air sandwich.”

To prove the point, Kelly played the embarrassing segment from Kamala’s weekend interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid where the Veep launched into a painful word salad rather than simply answer Reid’s question about Biden saying Putin must not remain in power.

Kelly and the Ruthless guys went to town over that interview, with one of the guys joking that instead of answering the question, Kamala gave us her travel itinerary. They also joked how Kamala often sounds like someone giving a book report on a book she hadn’t read.

The segment is hilarious so give it a watch:

You can catch the full episode with the Ruthless guys HERE.