Mayor Adams Cancels Events After FBI Raid

After the FBI searched the house of his biggest fundraiser, New York Mayor Eric Adams abandoned his meetings in Washington and rushed back home.

A member of the public corruption team of the FBI in New York is said to have questioned Brianna Suggs during a raid of her house.

According to a report, the agents confiscated two laptops, three iPhones, seven binders full of donation cards, and a manila folder with the name “Eric Adams” written on it, among other items.
A representative for the FBI confirmed that law enforcement officers were present at Suggs’ Brooklyn residence.

Charles Kretchmer Lutvak, a spokesperson for Adams, denied knowing anything about the raid.

Adams was planning to handle the illegal immigration travesty in Washington, D.C. when he abruptly left. Meetings with members of Congress and mayors of Chicago, Illinois, and Denver, Colorado, were on the schedule.

Suggs has reportedly collected over $2.5 million for the mayor’s re-election bid in 2025 and is heavily active in pushing forth the mayor’s agenda.

A report reveals that the FBI and federal prosecutors in Manhattan are looking into allegations that Adams’s 2021 mayoral campaign worked with a Brooklyn construction business and the government of Turkey on a suspected straw donor scam to siphon illicit money to the campaign.

Whether any participants received kickbacks is another focus of the investigation. Records of any campaign worker, official, or associate’s trip to Turkey were requested, as well as all correspondence involving the campaign and the Turkish government, including people operating at the direction of the Turkish government.

Suggs was hailed as Adams’ campaign strategist and fundraiser, but sources claimed her inexperience raised concerns throughout the 2021 mayoral election.

Another source stated Suggs’ job was a component of the corrupt Brooklyn political clubhouse, so she was there based on who she knew.

According to a report, no one was taken into custody, but Suggs was subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury.

According to a law enforcement source, Suggs often appeared beside Adams throughout his 2021 mayoral campaign.