Mass Killer Rants About Bible, Yells At Judge

( The ex-con accused of killing six people at a Wisconsin Christmas parade had posted on social media encouraging others to attack white people and said that Hitler was right to slaughter Jews.

Reports show that the second day of the trial for the man accused of ramming his automobile through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, began with the defendant reading from the Bible and finished with him being escorted out of the courtroom once more.

Seventy-seven charges, including six counts of murder, are brought against Darrell Brooks, 40, for allegedly driving into a parade on November 21, 2021.

Judge Jennifer Dorow removed Brooks from court on Monday after he continually interrupted her with shenanigans regarding his own identity and her credentials. Additionally, Brooks requested the release of the entire jury, but this request was turned down because Brooks failed to demonstrate a foundation to do so in law or fact.
According to reports, Brooks was taken from the main courtroom shortly after 9 a.m. and remanded to a different chamber, where he was joined to the proceedings through Zoom. When Brooks called in remotely, he took off his mask, read from the Bible, and appeared to shout at the judge.
Brooks claimed to be a sovereign citizen throughout the hearings on Tuesday, but he objected when Dorow referred to him as such.
Dorow brought in potential jurors several times, but they were never able to stay for very long because of the defendant’s interruptions.
Sue Opper, the DA for Waukesha County, requested that Judge Dorow examine a U.S. Supreme Court judgment regarding the gagging of defendants in court. Brooks was told to watch the proceedings from a nearby courtroom.
If found guilty of the most severe allegations, Brooks, out on bail from a domestic violence charge at the time of the incident, could spend the rest of his life in jail.

You cannot reason with the insane.

Police reports show Brooks has a lengthy criminal history that began with his initial arrest in 1999 for aggravated violence and carrying a concealed weapon.
Some witnesses recorded the Christmas Parade incident on their cellphones. The Waukesha County DA’s office expects to invite some of the hundreds of witnesses to testify.