Marco Rubio Blows Whistle On NBC’s Chinese Ties

( Florida Senator Marco Rubio just penned a piece for the Fox News in which he slams left-wing TV network NBC for “reciting Chinese Communist Party talking points” in its broadcasts of the ongoing Beijing Winter Olympics.

In the piece, Senator Rubio – who advocated for the boycotting of the Olympics this year – said that NBC could just as easily be named the “National Beijing Corporation.”

Having watched some coverage of the Olympic Games, which went ahead with American athletes despite a diplomatic boycott, Rubio said that NBC had “dutifully recited Chinese Communist Party talking points at every turn.”

“Rather than telling viewers the truth about Beijing’s oppression and ongoing genocide, NBC has opted for a ‘both sides’ approach that makes the CCP out to be as trustworthy as our own government,” he said.

Well, given the Biden administration is probably the least trustworthy (and popular) administration in modern history, they might actually be right about that one…

Rubio noted how during the opening ceremony on February 4, NBC analysts described first-hand accounts of human rights abuses going on in China as “allegations.” These abuses, however, are extremely serious and well-documented. They include the persecution and imprisonment of more than one million Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps in the Xinjiang province.

He also quoted NBC as having told views that the Chinese government says that “accusations of genocide are the lie of the century” and that China is “looking to demonstrate diversity.”

Can you believe that?

When Trump reduced illegal border crossings at the southern border, he was accused of running concentration camps because children were being separated from adults who could very easily have been people smugglers.

But when China literally runs concentration camps, NBC gives them a pass.

Rubio has a point on this, and you can read his full column here.