Man Who Plotted Kidnapping Of Governor Learns His Fate

( The man who plotted the kidnapping of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was sentenced to four years in prison, according to Washington Press. Kaleb Franks initially pled guilty to the crime and was facing life in federal prison, but his sentence was ultimately reduced when he cooperated with authorities and testified in two federal trials, according to the Justice Department.

“Franks testified at both federal trials, which cumulatively resulted in the convictions of co-defendants Adam Fox and Barry Croft and the acquittals of Daniel Harris and Brandon Caserta,” the statement read.

Franks will have to pay a fine of $2,500 and will be placed under court supervision for three years following his release from prison.

Prosecutors reportedly play secret recordings in court from a 2020 meeting taking place in the basement of a vacuum shop to show how a paramilitary group was tied to the kidnapping. The meeting allegedly took place in the makeshift home of Adam Fox.

“Joe Morrison, Paul Bellar and Pete Musico, members of a group called the Wolverine Watchmen, are charged with providing material support to Fox and others, though they’re not accused of directly participating in the kidnapping scheme,” according to Associated Press.

“Just because I’m a church director, don’t think I won’t shed blood in the name of liberty and defense,” Musico reportedly said.

The group is allegedly tied to the “boogaloo boys,” a right wing group, leading critics of Donald Trump to blame the president for the plot.

“Do you remember what happened to Gretchen Whitmer because of 45? Even after a kidnapping plot (on 45’s behalf) was foiled, he STILL told his rallies to “lock her up”, meaning take her out,” one Twitter user with a Ukrainian flag but no pronouns in her bio wrote.

Whitmer is facing a Trump-backed candidate in the midterms, but leads her by six points as Tudor fails to pick up ground in the crucial weeks leading up to the election.