Man Learns It Will Take Days To Charge His EV Hummer

( In a video that went viral on social media, the owner of a brand new GMC electric Hummer learned the hard way that it would take five days to fully charge his expensive vehicle’s battery when using the basic home-charging accessory.

In the video, the man explains that the Hummer has “the largest battery you can buy,” 250 kilowatt hours. He announces that it is Sunday morning and he would now see how long it takes to charge the battery when plugging the charger from the truck into a standard electrical outlet.

The man then plugs the charger into an outlet and checks the dashboard to see the time estimated before the battery is fully charged.

He reads the dashboard estimate which shows that the battery will be completely charged by 8:30 am on Friday, or five days later. He explains that this is what happens when trying to charge the largest truck battery using a standard 120 outlet.

He points out that with a “level two or a fast charger,” the battery would charge in a lot less time.

Watch HERE.

On New Year’s Day, a Tesla Megapack that was on one of the company’s mobile Supercharger trailers caught fire in Baker, California, completely burning it down, according to Electrek.

The Megapack is Tesla’s largest stationary energy storage system. When increased demand is expected at its charging stations, Tesla deploys a trailer fitted with a Megapack along with a group of Superchargers that drivers can plug into to charge their batteries.

But the Megapack aboard the mobile station that was sent to Tesla’s Baker charging station to deal with the extra demand over the New Year’s holiday unexpectedly caught fire.

According to Electrek, the local fire department did not comment on the incident, and Tesla no longer has a press relations department in the United States who could field these sorts of questions.