Man Arrested After Setting Off Teddy Bear Bomb

What’s up with Teddy Bear bombs?

A man in California detonated a teddy bear in a parking lot before fleeing to his home. He was later apprehended, with police discovering he had illegal firearms and drugs.

In a video captured by parking lot surveillance cameras, an unidentified man gets out of his automobile and places a teddy bear on the ground outside a San Bernardino store.

The plush animal begins to puff white smoke, then explodes, scattering the stuffing all over the parking lot and terrifying onlookers.

The suspect sped off in a white van.

Police in San Bernardino could locate the suspect’s home after studying the tape and discovered he had hidden firearms, bombs, and drugs.

More than a kilogram of meth in retail packaging was discovered, along with a ballistic vest, illegal aerial fireworks, 200 rounds of ammo, pipes that could be used to build explosives, and a ghost gun.

Police said they have many felony charges to file against the guy.

Investigators have not yet determined why the man blew up a teddy bear in the parking lot, but they have not ruled out any possibilities.

In November 2013, a newspaper carrier in North Carolina picked up a teddy bear on a remote road and was subsequently informed by officials that the animal contained a bomb.

Anthony Cannon said he had discovered the booby-trapped toy along his route near Lattimore, a small town roughly 50 miles west of Charlotte, the night before.

When he picked up the teddy bear, something fell out of it.

Cannon drove the 20 minutes back to Shelby after abandoning the bear and stowing the cylindrical object he thought was food in his car. He headed to his cousin’s house to get a better look at his discovery.

He describes a little, taped-up bottle containing liquid and exposing several wires. Fearing that what he was holding could be lethal, he dialed 911.

A bomb squad from the larger neighboring city of Gastonia was among those that responded.

They said it was an IED.

In June 2020, government-backed soldiers in Libya alleged that Russian mercenaries who had fled the country had left behind a terrible teddy bear bomb.

Photos emerged showing the cuddly toy glued to a mortar shell and concealed under a table with a tripwire.

It’s a sick and twisted dichotomy, having the playful and cuddly toy be a source of destruction.