Majority of Poll Participants Say Joe Biden’s Mental Decline is Real

New polling on Americans’ fears about President Joe Biden’s rapid deterioration may be bolstered by his embarrassing performance at last Monday night’s Juneteenth event at the White House.

Rasmussen Reports’ most recent survey of probable voters confirmed Biden’s behavior as he stood rigidly, staring out into space, with an odd smile on his face within a row of aides and black leaders on the South Lawn while dancing and clapping to music.

A large percentage of likely voters think that Joe Biden’s mental deterioration is real, according to new research from Rasmussen Reports.

But when the cameras are rolling, Democrats and the press have done their best to make the public believe that Biden is OK and functioning normally off camera. They would have you think that Biden acts up only when his microphone is on.

The fact that individuals are not naive is the left’s Achilles’ heel. Anyone can look at Biden and see that he is declining.

The media and Democrats often used the 25th Amendment in 2017 to falsely claim that Trump was mentally ill and so unqualified to serve as President. These same individuals are now defending Biden, who is plainly disabled.

Social media accounts document Biden’s blank stares, confusion about where he needs to stand or walk, slurred speech, and numerous factual gaffes, which are straining his health.

Rasmussen discovered that 57% of people think Biden is mentally deteriorating. President Biden is becoming less mentally sharp, according to one-third of Democrats.

Even though they have the footage and proof from the incident on June 10th, left-leaning media still won’t speak about Biden’s problems.

According to Rasmussen, a large portion of the electorate thinks that the media is working along with the administration and the Democrats to protect Joe Biden.

According to the pollster, sixty percent of people think that the news media are helping to conceal evidence of Biden’s declining mental sharpness. The same percentage of Democrats (37%) and minorities (black and hispanic) were in agreement.