Liberal Professor Defends Child Predators, Says It Should Be Destigmatised

( A Norwegian professor is calling for de-stigmatizing pedophiles claiming that being sexually attracted to children is “very common” and having that attraction isn’t immoral as long as no children are harmed.

According to a report in Reduxx, Oslo Metropolitan University “queer” ethics professor Ole Martin Moen is calling for legalized AI-generated child pornography, arguing that pedophilia should be considered an innate sexual identity.

Moen serves on an advisory board for Norway’s Patient Organization for Gender-Incongruence, a trans activist group.

He also recently targeted a Norwegian feminist now under police investigation over a tweet she sent arguing that men can’t be lesbians.

In a 2015 paper titled “The Ethics of Pedophilia,” Moen argued that pedophilia is bad only when it causes harm to children. But “pedophilic expressions and practices” that don’t cause harm to children “are morally alright.”

In his 2015 paper, Moen contends that it is “morally permissible” for pedophiles to satisfy their creepy predilections so long as they don’t use children to do it.

To defend his indefensible position, Moen claims that everyone has been a pedophile “at some point,” arguing that prepubescent children are likely to become sexually attracted to other prepubescent children.

Yeah, that’s not pedophilia, you sick crank.

In his paper, Moen suggested the way to prevent harm to children is to have high school students taught what to do “in case they themselves are pedophiles.” He claims “a certain percentage of high school students” are either pedophiles already or will become pedophiles, and bemoans the fact that they aren’t being taught about their “sexuality.”

Rather than unjustly condemn pedophiles, Moen argues, people should praise them for their “admirable willpower” if they manage to refrain from abusing children.

To help them refrain, Moen wants to legalize AI-generated child pornography and make it available for pedophiles. But eventually, AI porn isn’t going to be enough for these people. It will only feed their compulsion until they can no longer resist the urge to act it out.