Liberal Justice Sotomayor Is The Unlikely Defender Of Clarence Thomas

( A left-leaning law-related publication lamented over their issues with the US Supreme Court.
The publication’s writer was emotional about The Court overturning fifty years of abortion rights. And they claimed that despite the rise in gun violence, the Court was likely to broaden the Second Amendment. They alleged that studies conclusively showed that the Court is significantly more Conservative than most Americans. The writer was so annoyed that no one was willing to do anything about it other than wring hands over the Court’s attempts to reshape the nation.

The writer didn’t explain what “doing anything about it” meant, but judging by the recent violence around the SCOTUS Justices, it could cause a reader to jump to their own conclusions.

The article continued with comments about its favorite ‘liberal bulwark’ Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Sotomayor recently gave a speech to the American Constitution Society, and the article focused on her remarks about the ‘burden’ that comes with serving on the Court with an alleged six to three Conservative majority. Sotomayor also mentioned that while she rarely agreed with Justice Clarence Thomas, she believed he was a man who cared deeply about the court as an institution and about the people who work there. She stated that Justice Thomas is the one justice in the building who knows every employee’s name.

Justice Sotomayor’s statements caused great distress to the article’s writer.
“Why does she think this matters?” exclaimed the writer, complaining that she is (Yeah, I assumed her gender) ‘frankly tired’ of the trend of trying to humanize Supreme Court justices.

According to the writer, while she appreciated Sotomayor’s legal analysis, she suggested that perhaps she had become too close to the enemy.
The writer also believes that because of Justice Thomas, a “person” is now obliged to give birth.
A “person” giving birth? How ridiculous.
She’s so worried about women’s rights, but she can’t even say the word “Woman.”