Lawmaker Vows Israel Support After Pro-Palestine Vandals Strike

In a disturbing revelation, Texas Republican Representative Monica De La Cruz’s office was recently defaced with anti-Israel sentiments. The incident occurred after she publicly voiced her support for Israel amidst its ongoing conflict with the terrorist faction Hamas.

Images shared on social media by De La Cruz showcased her office windows and pathway smeared with red graffiti bearing messages such as “Israel kills Jews, too” and “You can’t escape your crimes, Monica.” Additionally, banners stating, “Israel is committing genocide, and you support it,” and “Monica murders” were also displayed.

Despite the threats, De La Cruz remained undeterred and unapologetic about her stance, refusing to be silenced by such acts. She condemned the vandals, stating, “The pro-Hamas activists who vandalize my office overlook the significance of standing alongside our Jewish counterparts during this challenging period- something I will never do. My unwavering support for Israel and the Jewish community remains steadfast. I will not be silenced or intimidated by these acts of vandalism.”

De La Cruz further emphasized South Texans’ reputation for their warmth and hospitality, adding, “AquĆ­ todos somos familia.” She assured that the actions of a few would not overshadow the values they held dear. Mentioning her recent communication with local rabbis, she reassured them of her unwavering support and commitment to standing against hate or violence. She also stressed the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents.

In a powerful statement, she declared, “An assault on one of us signifies an assault on all of us. Such loathsome behavior is unacceptable in our community, state, and nation.”

Following the vandalism incident, De La Cruz’s office released an official statement confirming they had contacted the local police in McAllen, citing “repeated acts of vandalism this week.”
De La Cruz is not the first public official to experience such an incident. Previously, the office of Representative Tim Walberg reported the defacement of his “I stand with Israel” sign last month. This occurred after Hamas militants infiltrated southern Israel on October 7, causing the death of approximately 1,400 people, the majority of whom were civilians.