Law Professor Suggests Obama as Biden’s 2024 Running Mate

A law professor has suggested replacing Kamala Harris with Barack Obama to improve Joe Biden’s electoral prospects. John Banzhaf of George Washington University tweeted that Biden and Trump are “elderly men with poor memories” and claimed that Obama is among the few politicians Americans want to see back in government. Banzhaf noted that the 

Democrats face “unpopular and dubious” options as calls for Biden to step down intensified. Addressing the Constitutionality of such a move, the law professor said that the Constitution disallows a candidate from “being elected” President more than twice, but it does not prevent a former President from becoming Vice President and then President again via that route. 

Critics say the suggestion indicates desperation from Democrats, grappling with accelerating doubts about Biden’s fitness to serve a second term. Several reports indicate growing panic in Democrat circles in the wake of President Biden’s debate performance against Donald Trump in Atlanta. A recent conference call attended by Democrat activists and lawmakers reportedly concluded with an uneasy agreement to continue promoting President Biden. 

Joe Salazar, a DNC activist on the call, stated that his colleagues have chosen to effectively ignore the problem and carry on being “cheerleaders.” The Biden campaign is similarly digging its heels in. 

Senior adviser Jen O’Malley Dillon insisted that the debate had no discernible impact on the President’s campaign. She added that Donald Trump had offered nothing at the debate except to embolden his MAGA base. 

Analysts say the President attempted to claw back support in a post-debate interview, but this went disastrously wrong, evidenced by more dissent within party ranks. After the interview, Minnesota Rep. Angie Craig added her voice to the chorus of calls for Biden to step aside. “There is only a small window left to make sure we have a candidate best equipped to make the case and win,” she said. 

Reps. Jamie Raskin, Jerry Nadler, Mark Takano, and Adam Smith have all publicly urged the President to withdraw.