Lauren Boebert Wore A “Drill Baby Drill” Dress To The SOTU

( While attending President Biden’s first State of the Union Address last Tuesday, Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert used the back of her clothing to send a three-word message to Biden: “Drill Baby Drill.”

As gas prices skyrocket to the highest rate in history, President Biden announced this week that he is placing an embargo on Russian oil and gas imports, a move that will send the price at the pump even higher.

What Biden refuses to do, however, is “Drill Baby Drill.”

In announcing the Russian embargo from the White House Tuesday afternoon, the president said the best course of action to protect the nation’s economy over the long term is for the US to become energy independent.

But by “energy independent,” the hapless Biden didn’t mean lifting all of his sanctions on the US energy sector so we can “Drill Baby Drill.”

Instead, what Biden meant was “accelerate the transition to clean energy.”

So to solve the problem of skyrocketing gas prices in the here and now, the President wants us to wait until that distant time in the future when we finally develop a “clean energy” alternative to fossil fuels that is viable, affordable, and plentiful.

This man is living in a delusion.

And just to prove it, Biden also made the outlandish claim that none of his policies “are holding back domestic energy production.”

Is he kidding? Or has his dementia progressed to the point where he can’t remember all the domestic sanctions he placed on the US energy sector?

Earlier this week, Rasmussen conducted a survey that found 70 percent of likely voters want the government to encourage increased domestic oil and gas production to reduce the country’s dependence on foreign imports. Only 18 percent oppose such a move.

In short, 70 percent of Americans agree with Lauren Boebert: it’s time to “Drill Baby Drill.”