Lauren Boebert Tells Nancy Pelosi To Look At Audience After Strange Statement To Press

( Populist Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert raised the issue of the southern border crisis on the House floor on Tuesday, only to allegedly be ignored by the presiding House speaker pro tempore. And she pointed it out the next day.

Colorado’s 3rd District representative slammed the speaker for ignoring her as she spoke about the crisis, which has seen almost two million illegal aliens apprehended at the border since Biden took office.

A clip of her scolding the House speaker then went viral online, with hundreds of thousands of views.

On Tuesday, Boebert laid out in detail how the border crisis had worsened under Joe Biden’s presidency, and told the stories of border agencies who have told her that they “feel useless” in their work.

“They said that they used to work all day and go home feeling like they had accomplished something…but since Biden took office, that’s no longer the case,” she said.

Boebert then recommended that the Biden administration consider reimplementing Trump-era immigration policies to stop the influx of illegals at the border and to restart the construction of the border wall that dramatically strengthened the border during the final years of the first term of the Trump administration.

In the clip below, you’ll see Boebert slamming the speaker for ignoring her.

“Madam Speaker, let the record show that you still have not glanced up one time to acknowledge this humanitarian crisis that is taking place in our country,” she says.

Why is it that the Democrats are suddenly silent about this humanitarian crisis now that it’s a Democrat in the White House struggling to maintain control of the situation?

Will they start caring when a Republican is back in power?