Kieth Olberman Calls For “Economic Civil War”

( Keith Olbermann, the extreme lefty and failed host ousted in disgrace from MSNBC, has declared that only an “economic civil war” launched by blue states against red states in America will prevent mass murders.

The mentally addled talking head explained that the only way to halt such carnage is to snuff out the gun industry, the Republican Party’s backing for the gun industry, and the gun lobby.

He said that in order to achieve these goals, the blue states must cause starvation in the red states economically.

Olbermann’s newest exaggerated claims were made in a video outburst broadcast to his Twitter account on Wednesday. He was plainly responding to the recent incident at Michigan State University, in which three people were killed and five more were wounded, as a proponent of gun restriction.

The former sports reporter exploited the incident to make the allegation that Americans are “owned by guns.”

He said guns own us, and “we know it.”

He said if this is the case, there is only one option to put an end to these senseless massacres. The goal is to bring down the Republican Party, which supports the gun lobby and the firms that earn billions of dollars off of weapons, and to kill off the gun lobby, also known as the “death lobby,” as he calls it.

He proposed extreme strategies for achieving his vision, adding, “A financial civil war is the only way to achieve that goal. In the next decade to two, another 600,000 people will be killed if the blue states don’t starve the red states into submission with their wealth.

When it comes to stirring up controversy on Twitter, Olbermann is no rookie. After reportedly pestering CEO Elon Musk and pushing his followers to provide links to the location of the billionaire’s private plane, his account was blocked in December, and he became a media sensation.

His furious reaction to the news that President Biden was being investigated for his own secret papers incident also garnered a lot of attention. The journalist criticized the media’s reporting on Twitter, drawing parallels to the 2016 Hillary Clinton email controversy.

Olbermann said, “Are we serious about doing this again? Are we really going to go through Hillary Clinton’s emails once again? Is this another round of “whataboutism” and “both sides-ism”?”