Kamala Harris’ Vanishes As “Border Czar” As Flood of Migrants Heads To US

On May 12, Article 42 expired, creating a surge of immigration across our southern border. Article 42 was implemented during Covid to deport migrants with infectious and communicable diseases swiftly.

After President Joe Biden’s 2020 election, he appointed Vice President Kamala Harris as the border “czar.” Harris has been out of public view lately as the national disapproval of the border crisis escalates. 

Ten thousand illegals crossed the southern border each day last week, prompting the need for 1,500 military personnel dispatched to the border to assist the Border Patrol with paperwork documentation of thousands of illegals. 

Checking VP Harris’s Twitter account showed 18 posts and retweets since May 7, yet no mention of anything concerning the border, Title 42 expiration, immigration, or Latin America. Her Twitter government page contains 26 recent posts without a word on the border situation. She has made no public comment on current events at the southern border. 

There seems to be some ambiguity between Biden and Symone Sanders, VP Harris’ spokesperson. Biden announced Harris would handle the immigration surge. At the same time, Sanders said Harris would take on a diplomatic posture with Mexico and other countries to address the causes of the increase in immigration to the US border. 

Harris eventually made her first trip to the southern border in June of 2021. She visited an El Paso, Texas, processing center and a US Customs and Border Protection facility. Republicans were quick to point out the timeline of inaction by Harris in visiting the border.

Before President Joe Biden’s January 2023 visit, the Democrat administration of the City of El Paso made sure all migrants living in tents on the streets were removed. 

US Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) asks why President Biden and Kamal Harris are not at the border. He claims the administration doesn’t “give a damn” about the number of people who have died trying to immigrate to America. 

It’s been two years since her appointment to oversee the border by President Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris is still missing in action.