Kamala Harris Uses Japan Leader’s Assassination To Push For Gun Control

(PresidentialHill.com)- And over the weekend, Kamala used the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to launch into the White House’s talking points on “gun violence” while calling for the renewal of the so-called “assault weapons ban.”

Appearing on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Kamala was asked by Robert Costa to comment on the assassination of Japan’s former prime minister. Pointing out that Japan has very strict gun laws, Costa asked Kamala what her reaction was when she heard about Abe’s assassination.

After the perfunctory remarks about what a great friend to the United States Shinzo Abe was, Kamala pivoted to “the issue of gun violence” and what that “means here in the United States.”

In other words, “I don’t want to talk about Japan, Costa. I want to regurgitate the White House’s talking points about ‘gun violence.’”

A dutiful Robert Costa obliged, pivoting to the July Fourth shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, and handing Kamala the perfect pitch to flog the Biden administration’s push for gun control.

Kamala boasted that she was in Highland Park within 24 hours of the shooting and she “made a point” to spend time with the first responders.

What a fraud. She made it sound as if she was home at the Naval Observatory, heard about the shooting, and called her chief of staff demanding that they arrange a trip to Highland Park for the next day.

Yeah, that’s not what happened. Kamala was already scheduled to fly to Chicago on July 5, and her staff sent her to Highland Park since she was already in the area giving a speech at a Teachers’ Union event.

Then she boasted about her time as a prosecutor and how she has seen autopsy photos and met with the families of victims.

Kamala launched into the White House’s talking points, calling semi-automatic rifles “assault weapons” that are “designed to kill a lot of human beings quickly.” For good measure, she tossed in the other White House talking point, calling semi-automatic rifles “weapons of war.”

Then she demanded that Congress renew the so-called “assault weapons ban,” claiming that she supports the 2nd Amendment, but so-called “weapons of war” must be taken off the streets.

Watch HERE.