Kamala Harris Temporarily Replaces Joe Biden As He Hides

(PresidentialHill.com)- A haggard and jet-lagged President Biden returned to the White House on Sunday after spending several days in the Middle East.

After arriving on Marine One, the tired old man got snippy with reporters for daring to ask him if he regrets his now-infamous “fist bump” with the Saudi Crown Prince last Friday.

A churlish Biden demanded to know why reporters don’t ask him about “something that matters,” adding he would be happy to answer a question that matters.

Who’s he kidding? Biden is only happy to answer questions his staff has screened in advance.

It may not matter to Joe Biden that he campaigned on the promise to make Saudi Arabia a “pariah” state over the murder of Qatari asset, Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi and now he’s treating the Saudis like old pals.

But it matters to the news media who have adopted Khashoggi as some kind of journalistic martyr.

The Washington Post in particular was livid with the infamous fist bump. WaPo publisher and CEO, Fred Ryan, called the congenial greeting “shameful.”

In a statement on Friday, Ryan declared the fist bump between Biden and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman “worse than a handshake.” He said the gesture “projected a level of intimacy and comfort” that awarded the Crown Prince “the unwarranted redemption” he desperately wanted.

Then again, Biden is a 79-year-old old crank who routinely gets combative and angry when he’s tired. That could explain his snippy, irritated response.

Biden spent the start of the week resting from his trip and reemerged on Wednesday to travel to Massachusetts to give a speech on Climate Change.

The following day, the White House revealed that old Joe tested positive for COVID-19.