Kamala Harris Staffer Deletes 10,000 Tweets Before Taking Role

(PresidentialHill.com)- Vice President Kamala Harris has had a tough time keeping hold of her staff, with most of her senior aides walking out during the first year on the job. And now, just as Kamala Harris found her brand new press secretary Kirsten Allen, reports have shown how Allen deleted more than 10,000 tweets before taking the petition.

That means she’s hiding something. And Harris has something new to worry about.

Social Blade, an online service that tracks the activity of users on various social media sites, shows how Allen deleted 10,594 tweets between January 5 and 11, just a couple of months before the White House confirmed that she had taken the position in Harris’ office. Allen was hired by the vice president to replace Symone Sanders, Harris’ top communications officer who left the office in December amid accusations that Harris had created a hostile work environment.

So, why did she delete the tweets? Well, Harris has a long history of tweeting extremist radical opinions. Harris advocates Critical Race Theory, the historical revisionist 1619 Project, and a plethora of ultra-left “journalists” who pushed the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory.

It’s hard to know exactly what Allen was worried about the press finding, but it can’t have been good.

Twitter users took to the platform to speculate what the tweets she deleted may have been about.

“Without a doubt it’s racist sh*tt against white people,” one user said.

Sounds fairly likely, doesn’t it?

The question now is…will the White House respond? Will the Democrats ever stop and think about what the people they hire might be doing and saying before they realize they may be able to get a job in the White House?

If this was a Republican, you know it would be a much, much bigger scandal.