Kamala Harris Baselessly Suggests Certain “Marriages” Will Be Overturned After Roe V. Wade

(PresidentialHill.com)- It was reported a couple of weeks ago that Vice President Kamala Harris would be the Biden administration’s point-person on abortion, which, considering her track record as the Biden administration’s point-person on illegal immigration, is sure to be a disaster.

Over the weekend, Kamala went on a Twitter rant claiming that overturning Roe v. Wade could open the door to restricting the right to contraception as well as gay or interracial marriages.

You’d think the point-person from the administration could think of an argument this isn’t already being made by every single pro-abortion Democrat, “journalist,” and blue-check Leftist on Twitter.

Then again, original thought is not something Kamala Harris is known for.

In her tweetstorm, Kamala claimed that because Roe v. Wade relied on the right to privacy, other rulings based on the right to privacy, like contraception and “the right to marry the person you love” are also at risk.

But the claim is nonsense. And if Kamala Harris had taken the time to read the draft opinion by Justice Samuel Alito, she would know that Alito makes the case in his opinion that abortion is vastly different from cases involving privacy rights because abortion involves harm to a non-consenting party (aka the unborn child).

But Harris doesn’t care about the truth; she just uncritically burps out the dishonest Democrat talking points.

The reason Democrats are using this line of attack is obvious. They know that the vast majority of Americans support restricting abortion and only about 15 to 18 percent of the population want abortion on demand during all nine months of pregnancy.

In short, Democrats know their position is wildly unpopular. So to gin up fear about other “privacy rights” in hopes of broadening the base of support for their untenable position.

To use Roe v. Wade as a political weapon in the November elections, the Democrats have to stoke panic and fear by claiming without evidence that Republicans are threatening the privacy rights of all Americans.

It’s a lie. But since Democrats can’t run on anything else, it’s a necessary lie.