Justice Thomas Was Forged By His Difficult Past

(PresidentialHill.com)- A fitting tribute to a man at the pinnacle of his profession and power, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, one of the most esteemed modern conservative jurists, celebrated his 74th birthday on Thursday. His majority opinion in a significant Second Amendment case was released on the same day.

And after a life sculpted and molded by hardship, he attained his lofty goal.

Most of America first met Thomas at his contentious SCOTUS confirmation hearings, presided over by our current President, Joe Biden.

He escaped the “high-tech lynching” of the hearings by drawing on the teachings his grandpa instilled in him as a young boy and as a student of America’s Founding Fathers. Thomas is a gripping account of a regular man who overcomes significant difficulties and, in doing so, turns into an inspiring man.

Justice Thomas teaches us that hate and wrath are destructors of life and that we might find it by abiding by the truth as it is revealed in the “rules of nature and of nature’s God.

What do the affluent white men who built America and a black grandpa who was ignorant and illiterate in the segregated South have in common? A passion for liberty, autonomy, and labor; a fundamental knowledge that everyone was created equally by God.

As a young adult, Justice Thomas describes how he survived a time of intense hostility before finally falling in love with the ideals of the American Founding Fathers.

He was seeking a philosophy or set of beliefs that essentially, at its essence, declares that slavery is immoral – at its core. Which, of course, natural law does. In 1776, Thomas Jefferson said that “all men are created equal.” They enjoy some unalienable rights that were given to them by their creator. That is the essence of natural law.

So how could a nation built on these tenets have allowed slavery and discrimination to exist? It couldn’t, without betraying its own beliefs, was the response.
Justice Thomas speaks openly about the hurt caused by racism and how it was never more lethal or virulent than during his embarrassing Senate confirmation hearings.

He felt that, throughout his life, he had been focusing on the wrong individuals as those who may pose problems for him.

“It’ll be the bigot in the pickup truck, it’ll be the Klansman, it’ll be the rural sheriff,” Thomas thought.

Through it all, it came out that the contemporary liberal was ultimately the most significant barrier.

Many leftists try to discredit Clarence Thomas because he is not “their black guy.” They openly practice racism, but it is rarely called out when they mock and make fun of one of the most outstanding Americans ever. They want to quiet Clarence Thomas because, unlike the slave, they cannot control him.

It is essential to share Justice Thomas’ story to set others free. All we need to do now is spread the word about this inspiring narrative known as Justice Clarence Thomas.